Who is Performance Lab?

Performance Lab was the world’s first commercial sports science consultancy and has worked with tens of thousands of athletes from beginners through to world champions. We have turned this coaching know how into an AI platform called “Arda” that has been licensed by Intel, Oakley, LifeBEAM, New Balance and others.

What is your purpose as a company?

Our purpose is to help as many people as possible be their best selves by achieving their fitness and wellness goals.

What experience does your team have?

Our AI coaching platform is in the market and used by tens of thousands of End Users to assist with their training, so we have many years of learning about supporting Users both technically and experientially. Our team includes experienced leaders in the areas of technology, AI, coaching and marketing. Performance Lab also has a partnership with Centrality.ai, one of the world’s leading blockchain engineering teams. Through this partnership one of the applications of our platform, Ai.my, already makes use of blockchain technology.

What is the goal of your token sale?

The goal of our Token Generating Event or TGE is to build a marketplace for compelling digital coaching experiences and value-added exercise data. There are many parties who wish to participate in an ecosystem centered upon people who are generating activity data and seeking to maximize their health.

What benefits can people achieve by purchasing ARDAT tokens?

The benefits of purchasing ARDAT tokens are the opportunity to a) participate in a marketplace for digital exercise applications and experiences, b) be rewarded for exercising effectively and making activity data available and c) gain access to valuable insights derived from activity data (individual and collective) based on permissions.

Why will the deand for your ARDAT token grow?

As more applications make use of the Arda platform (and more users use those applications) the demand for ARDATs will increase. As the marketplace becomes bigger the incentive to join also becomes bigger, since more data means more insight and more third party participants in the ecosystem mean more opportunities to exchange data for value. ARDATs are the basis for this participation and exchange of value.

How will the ARDAT token be created?

ARDATs are generated as an ERC-20 smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. When approved buyers send ETH to this contract they are sent the appropriate number of ARDATs in return to the specified (and approved) wallet address.

Can I mine your ARDAT token?  

No, ERC-20 tokens are not mined. They are automatically distributed via smart contracts built on Ethereum but cannot be mined or staked in the traditional Proof of Work or Proof of Stake sense.

How will smart contracts be used in the ARDA ecosystem? 

The Arda ecosystem uses smart contracts for different purposes, such as managing identity, exchanging tokens, rewarding token holders, paying data producers and consumers and sharing revenue from those sales.

Can I see the smart contract? 

Yes, these will be made public.

Why are only 36.6% of ARDAT tokens being sold? What happens to the rest? 

Releasing 36.5% of the tokens onto the market allows us to secure an issue user base to stimulate our ecosystem without saturating the market. The remaining tokens will be held in reserve for use in strategically growing the Arda ecosystem and funding the ongoing operations and development of the Arda Platform and PL Platform.

How many coins are allocated for your team?

30% of the total token issuance will be retained for the founders and team. The founder and team tokens will be subject to a lockdown period of 24 months – during this time the tokens will not be able to be traded. The team will not directly receive the ETH raised from the token sale, this will be managed by an independent board to oversee the platform investment in the best interests of the token holders.

Where will the coins be tradable? 

At this stage we are not able to discuss where our tokens will be traded but we can confirm that they will be made available on one or more token trading platforms. Our primary objective is to grow the utility of the token over time. Any value appreciation in secondary markets is a by-product of this expected value increase, not a primary goal of the company.

When do I get my coins?

Your coins will be purchased in the token sales application. This is a decentralised process and the token purchase happens automatically via a smart contract once ETH has been transferred.

What will happen to the coins that are not sold during the token sale?

We expect all available tokens to be issued during this main sale. Unsold coins will be used to incentivize the growth of the whole ARDAT ecosystem through a number of means in the future.

Will additional tokens be created after the main sale is completed?

No additional tokens will be created following the TGE. ARDATs are scarce and of fixed supply.

Where are ARDAT tokens being stored?

You store ARDATs in your own wallet – they are under the control of your own private key at all times.

Where/how can I use ARDAT tokens?

You can use ARDATs to access Arda coaching services and value-added activity data. Participants in the Arda ecosystem may elect to receive ARDATs as payment for their products and services as a way of incentivizing healthy behaviors.

How can an ARDAT token holder benefit?

ARDAT tokens provide the holder with a number of benefits including access to Arda-powered coaching applications and the ability to earn tokens for exercising well.

How does the ARDAT token differ from your competitors?

ARDAT tokens uniquely enable participation in the Arda-powered product and data marketplace. These are different from other services in that we already have thousands of people using the Arda platform’s applications. We are scaling up and decentralizing these services, not proposing something brand new and untested.

Who are your investors/partners?

Performance Lab is a privately funded organization with its principal investors being the original founders, a key strategic technology investor and a prominent blockchain advocate – Centrality. The Arda technology is licensed by the likes of Intel, Oakley, New Balance and LifeBEAM and it operates on a range of end-user form factors including smart eyewear, wrist-based devices, Alexa and mobile handsets.

How will the Arda product develop after the token sale?

We will continue to build applications where people can spend tokens on features and be rewarded for training their data and making it available. We will also seek to establish a data marketplace to allow organizations to purchase this data to return value to the data producers who have chosen to participate.

How is your ARDAT token maintained in a legal field?

The balance of tokens are held by PL Platform, a Singapore-based Limited Liability Company which will hold the Arda Platform assets as well as digital wallet and relevant contractual rights, maintain the Arda Platform ecosystem and issue the ARDATs. Performance Lab and PL Platform will also promote DApp services. Such an approach demonstrates the power and promise of a decentralization strategy which provides a path to transition from a competitive model to a cooperative one, where all participants benefit from their collective success. PL Platform’s mandate is to grow an open ecosystem of digital services that consumers can easily explore and find value in, while giving developers an open and sustainable platform to develop, deliver, and enhance those services as well as attract users.

PL Platform will dedicate resources to establish a fair and transparent governance model that will take into account the multi-stakeholder voices and needs of all participants within the ecosystem. This open governance model will oversee decisions related to the membership process, participation rules, legal matters and content and compliance guidelines.

How is the collected cryptocurrency regulated by the tax authorities?

Token purchasers will need to seek independent tax advice on the implications of purchasing ARDAT tokens as recognition of these assets can vary between different jurisdictions. The ETH collected for the sale of the ARDAT tokens is recognised as revenue and taxed under Singaporean jurisdiction.

I'm a US resident, can I participate?

The current position regarding participation by US Residents is unclear due to FATCA. We recommend that US residents seek advice from their local legislature.

Are there other countries where I cannot participate?

You should check your local regulatory guidelines on purchasing tokens through our TGE. Specific restrictions around participating in our TGE are set out in our White Paper.


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